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If you are looking for a company that is well versed in your sector's specific tool needs and finds a solution for every issue, then stay a while longer on this site. We are experts for industrial chemistry and tools, and provide the ideal product for refining your manufacturing process or reducing manufacturing costs. HGC OG has access to a network of worldwide operating manufactures.

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We maintain a very personal relationship with our customers and build our business relations upon trust and longevity. It's very important to us, to treat our customers like friends. We offer comprehensive service features like a flexible interim management for the paper industry or professional management for special projects. We operate interactive, competent and in person. Furthermore, we are also flexible and act quickly, thanks to our global network. You can rely on us. We are keeping our promises in every situation!


Our longstanding customers reside in Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Italy.

News on current Applications

Paper producer with deinked fiber 

  • Optical brightener: Transfar APA liq
  • By repulping poorer waste paper, a considerable reduction could be achieved in costs/t of produced paper

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