HGC OG in Pernitz carries out problem-solving and efficient approaches of production increase, with the help of industrial chemistry. We offer the best personal on-site service! 

You can trust us, our know-how and our passion for efficient chemistry!

Learn more about our versatile service portfolio. We have all the chemicals for production or sewage treatment you may need for your business, at our disposal. One of our entrepreneurial focus points is the paper industry, thanks to the CEO of HGC OG, Herbert Grill's 45 years of experience in that field.

Our on-site service

  • Refinement of system processes
  • Increase in production
  • Developing new variants and qualities
  • Mobile lab (Elaborations will always be adjusted to the conditions of the task)
  • International inventory
  • Focus on cost reduction with best performance
  • Active and personal collaboration with challenges on a project

Individual tailored interim management

  • Gap management
  • Restructuring
  • Management for special projects
  • Cost reduction by lower expenses for consulting
  • Flexibly applied interim management for the paper industry
  • Interim management for commercial departments
  • High social- and leadership skills
  • Global network
  • For personnel shortages

We offer a diversified high-quality range of products. If a certain product isn't available, then we will work out a fitting solution in our mobile lab! Here you can find all the products. Just give us a call, if you have any questions!

HGC OG in Pernitz supplies you with high-quality chemicals for your production sector. We are your personal partner, we meet every customer on a friendly foundation, take their requirements seriously and fulfill their wishes with our know-how, experience, as well as our global network of partners. So we can work out the optimal solution for your demands. Contact us right now, we love hearing from you!